The C-Men is VJ Julian van Aalderen aka Ronnie Vollenberg aka Poke -1,12737282.
He uses his amiga to crack out funky pixelanimations on every bpm. possible, in no more then 256 colours !
Some of his work here
Jeroen Tel represents the C64 underground scene in brabant and beyond. You wil find him chilling with his homies in downtown Helmond, "Hart van Brabant" Southside!
Maniacs of noise website here
Videohometraining is a duo that started out doing plays for children. This appeared to be a tough crowd, so they turned to making chiptune music on gameboys along with crazy animations and changed their haircuts. Suddenly they got immensely populair amongst the youngsters, the elderly and the inbetween.
VHT website here
Allthough UNYX does not make micromusic per se et au deo, he does make hard beats & breakcore and is part of the NL HQ. He can chop up beats faster then a cook can cut an union, and harder then your helmet hits the street when your flying 500 km/hr.
Check out his website here
DJ Polar-B is Jeroen van den Boogert, who also runs the micro-booking agency Alles Los where he sends the dutch micro scouts into the wold to sell cookies and play music. Cool Party´s, Pool Party´s, ..he can do it all!